IDDG provides a full design service, including the concept and layout of trade show exhibits, corporate real estate offices, point-of-purchase (POP) material and mall displays, as well as graphics and other full color layouts.

"Signage" Programs & Environmental Graphics Design We offer planning, design of identifying graphics in all environments, for the purpose of communication.

Exhibit Rentals
We provide custom display rentals to companies who may have budget restraints or may be new to or testing the trade show format.

IDDG manufactures trade show exhibits, corporate sales office interiors, specialized display furniture and dimensional advertising structures on site. We also provide custom cabinet work, carpentry, painting, staining and finishing.

This includes repair, warehousing, shipping, tracking, refurbishing, receiving and documenting for or on behalf of an exhibitor.

Installation & Dismantling
Set - up and take down and supervision of exhibits. Providing supervision to oversee construction crews during this process.

Planning & Consultation
Provide in-depth, accurate and informative information to perspective clients relating to trade shows and expensive. Provide them with costeffectve marketing tools and assistance to achieve their goals. We also will provide the client with support when they are on the go.

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